Cardinal Environmental was contracted to utilize a media blasting technique to remove the old paint and corrosives from the ceiling, walls and support posts and to clean the surfaces all the way down to the original wood and Brick for the Omni Services Suite at E Worcester Street, Massachusetts.

(Here  are  just 2 pictures taken during the blasting project and after it was completed.)

IMG_0990IMG_1542 finished work

In order to get all of the surfaces cleaned down to the original material, Rainbow used a high pressure turbo 185 cfm. compressor and a media blaster loaded with walnut shells.  It took approximately two tons of walnut shells to fully clean the area.

The debris resulting from the shell media blasting was extensive and there were other offices and stores in operation within the building.  To prevent the dust and debris from entering the other areas, Cardinal Environmental enclosed the entire blasting area in a sealed containment chamber.  The technicians also worked after normal business hours so that the noise from the compressor and blaster would not interfere with any of the other businesses in operation.